The Hellenic Tech Network in partnership with the HBA-UK announces the speakers at the Christmas dinner on Saturday the 11th of December at the Edwardian townhouse at 4 Hamilton Place in Mayfair, London. This event will be held under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in the United Kingdom.

  • Keynote Speech: The Future of Real-World Legged Robotics, Dr Dimitrios Kanoulas, UKRI Feature Leaders Fellow / Lecturer in Computer Science, UCL

Bio: Dimitrios Kanoulas is a UKRI Future Leader Fellow and Lecturer in Robotics and Computation at University College London (UCL), Department of Computer Science, working in the field of perception and learning for robots that have limbs, including quadrupeds, humanoids, and mobile manipulators.

Abstract: This talk will briefly showcase the exciting new area of legged robotics for real-world tasks and the potential impact in manufacturing, agriculture, and civil protection.

To find more information about the event, please follow this link.