Louis Loizou
Louis Loizou, Chairman of the Hellenic Tech Network

Louis is a partner of Loizou & Co, advising technology start-ups and high-growth companies on business strategy. Previously, he worked for Citigroup, Barclays, Kleinwort, Her Majesty’s Treasury and the Competition Commission in London. He is the Chairman of the Hellenic Bankers Association-UK and a Liveryman of the City of London. He graduated from the University of Oxford and LSE.

Loukianos Spyrou
Dr Loukianos Spyrou, Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Committee

Loukianos is currently the Lead Data Scientist at Cambridge Quantum. He is involved in R&D of AI methods in financial forecasting as well as researching quantum computing extensions of popular algorithms. Loukianos has over 10 years of experience and prior to CQ he had been a postdoctoral researcher in AI methods for Neuroscience and Biomedicine. He has contributed in over 40 publications in high caliber journals and conferences and has led multiple interdisciplinary collaborations between engineering and medical teams.

Zoi Alexopoulou
Dr. Zoi Alexopoulou, Chair of the BioTech & Medical Technology Committee

Zoi is a doctor in neurology with both a medical degree and a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford. She is a lecturer in medicine at the University of Oxford and a Clinical Director at the large American pharmaceutical company MSD. She is responsible for translational drug development as well as for running global clinical trials in neurology, in infectious diseases (eg. antiviral drugs) and in other specialties. She is an experienced Medical Director with a demonstrated history of pioneering the pharmaceutical and clinical research industry. She is an award-winning academic with a proven track record of publishing and presenting at global conferences.

George Papadopoulos
George Papadopoulos, Chair of the FinTech & Neobanks Committee

George is a Senior Machine Learning Researcher at the Applied AI team in JPMorgan working in weak supervised learning and Gaussian processes models. Before that he helped build the Machine Learning and Data Analytics capabilities of the JPMorgan Digital Bank in the UK and co-led the COVID-19 predictive collaboration project between UCL Mathematics and JPMorgan. He has 10 years of experience as a ML researcher and a statistical modeller in the financial sector, including Barclays Investment Bank and asset management companies. He did his MSc at UCL in the Computational Statistics and Machine Learning department and has two US, Machine Learning, patents under his name.

Frixos Larkos
Frixos Larkos, Chair of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Committee

Frixos is the managing director of Crowdbase, the first investment-based crowdfunding platform in Cyprus, with the aim to provide an alternative financing solution for innovative ventures. In the past, he worked in investment banking, insurance, wealth management and the technology sector. Frixos has a Master’s in Financial Analysis from London Business School and a bachelor’s in Economics and Finance.