Dimitris Alexandridis
Dimitris Alexandridis, Chair of the Engineering & BioTech Committee

Dimitris is a software developer at Vivacity, a fast-growing technology startup that develops AI solutions to reduce congestion and promote active travel in road networks. Dimitris holds an engineering degree from the University of Cambridge.

Irene Stylianou
Irene Stylianou, Member of the Engineering & BioTech Committee

Irene is a Biomedical Sciences (BSc) and Translational Neuroscience (MRes) graduate of UCL possessing solid research experience in the field of cellular and molecular biology. Being intellectually curious about health and disease, Irene is driven to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental basis of cell behaviour relevant to human disease through pursuing a Ph.D. Having biomedical research as a tool, she aspires to uncover the mechanism of disease at a molecular level and thus contribute to improving early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of intractable diseases through utilising emerging medical technology and biotech methods.