Loukianos Spyrou
Dr Loukianos Spyrou, Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Committee

Loukianos is currently the Lead Data Scientist at Cambridge Quantum. He is involved in R&D of AI methods in financial forecasting as well as researching quantum computing extensions of popular algorithms. Loukianos has over 10 years of experience and prior to CQ he had been a postdoctoral researcher in AI methods for Neuroscience and Biomedicine. He has contributed in over 40 publications in high caliber journals and conferences and has led multiple interdisciplinary collaborations between engineering and medical teams.

Pieris Christofi
Pieris Christofi, Member of the Artificial Intelligence Committee

Pieris Christofi is a Product and Operations lead at Palantir Technologies which he joined in 2017. Since joining, Pieris has focused on digitalisation projects in large companies and has led development teams in implementing product solutions across a number of industries including shipping, insurance and energy. His current product focus is on privacy enhancing technologies with an emphasis on governance, access controls and data retention. Prior to Palantir, Pieris worked at Moody’s Analytics where he focused on regulatory technology solutions. Pieris holds a BSc in Economics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics from Warwick University and an MSc in Statistical Science from the University of Oxford. Pieris has also served as a Reserve Special Forces Officer in the Cypriot National Guard.